Notable Events in Visalia, CA

For an event thrill that will leave you in awe, Visalia never disappoints. Here are the two most significant events the town hosts every often. Information can be found here.

Christmas Tree Auction

For nearly four decades, the city of Visalia has been holding an annual Christmas tree auction that benefits charities that are supporting residents in need. Though most visitors won’t want to buy a tree to lug back home with them after their vacation, it’s still a fun event and a great way to support the community. Event activities include dancing, a silent auction, and food and wine tastings provided by local restaurants and wine merchants. For those interested in moving to town or making business connections, the auction is a great way to meet some of Visalia‚Äôs movers and shakers. See here for information about Top-Rated Attractions in Visalia, CA.

Visalia First Fridays

Visalia comes alive the first Friday of every month when revelers and art lovers weary from a long week descend on the downtown area for a bit of evening fun. First Fridays are sponsored by several civic organizations. It features vibrant works of art done in several mediums produced by local and regional artists. The event takes place at the city’s Creative Center. It was initially established to provide creative opportunities to residents with disabilities.