Explore the Breweries in Visalia, CA

For some people, Visalia maybe just a town without fun things to do. Surprisingly, the city even features some of the best breweries to consider visiting. Here are the two best breweries the town boasts.  Further facts about Visalia, CA can be found here.

Sequoia Brewing Company

Home to several award-winning craft beers, food, and more, Sequoia Brewing Company speaks to the atmosphere of the Central Valley. When exploring Visalia, the gateway to the Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks, filling up on a General Sherman IPA or a Sequoia Pale Ale will have you ready to explore the natural national treasures yourself. Menu items like the Giant Forest Nachos and the Black Bear Clubhouse complement the experience and wrap up this brewery tour. Information about Visalia, CA Is a Dining Paradise can be found here.

Barrelhouse Brewing

Featuring a delectable assortment of tasty beers, indoor and outdoor seating, and several gourmet food trucks that take up residence in its backlot, Barrelhouse Brewing is a must-visit attraction for visiting epicureans. Previous guests have appreciated Barrelhouse’s attentive servers, rustic but contemporary décor, and relaxing music that was just loud enough to enjoy without impeding conversation. Their beers run the gamut from light, crisp, and refreshing with low alcohol contents to hoppy IPAs and rich stouts with undertones of chocolate and malt.