Visalia, CA Has Endless Parks

Parks in Visalia are the best spots you can unwind on the long weekdays. They are not only serene but also feature some of the most incredible attractions for everyone. These are the best parks the town offers.  Learn more here.

Mooney Grove Park

More than 100 years ago, a civic-minded resident had the foresight to set aside a large tract of undeveloped land in downtown Visalia. Now, Mooney Grove Park is the city’s premier urban green space. It’s worth a visit for those looking to experience the great outdoors without wasting valuable vacation time driving to distant states and national parks. It features walking paths, covered seating areas, a disk golf course, historic buildings, and an idyllic lagoon that guests can explore by paddle boat. Learn more about Visalia, CA is an Artful Town. 

Sequoia National Park

Though it’s technically outside Visalia city limits, it’d be a real shame to pass up visiting one of the country’s most majestic national parks just because it’s an hour away. Sequoia National Park’s main attractions are the immense groves of towering sequoia trees that reach into the sky. They often sport trunks that have circumferences of more than 50 feet. Other popular amenities include well-marked walking paths, restrooms, covered seating areas, and regular shuttles that run between the park’s visitor center and its other attractions.