Must-See Spots in Visalia, CA

Visalia indeed boasts several fun things to see and do. But when you are on a tight schedule, you may want to consider these two areas first.  Learn information about Visalia, CA here.

Allensworth State Park

The town of Allensworth has the distinction of being the only municipality in the country to be founded and governed solely by African Americans. It was established more than 110 years ago by forward-thinking pioneers, including a minister, professor, and a US Army officer, after who it’s now named. Allensworth State Park’s attractions include several restored buildings, like the Colonel’s home, a library, historic churches, and a schoolhouse. Though the town’s population has declined significantly due to a lack of potable water, it’s a unique, fun, and educational place to explore. Plus, it’s only a 45-minute drive south of Visalia. Discover facts about Visalia, CA Bubbles with Parks.

Component Coffee Lab

California may have more coffee shops than any other state in the union, but coffee labs are few and far between. It may be a fine distinction, but Component Coffee Lab’s founders have been roasting beans for nearly a decade—and they take it more seriously than most. They specialize in single-origin beans that they roast in small batches, which accounts for the crowds of coffee junkies they draw during their limited business hours. The component is located downtown and offers cold drinks too.