As innovations get produced as days go by, they are to make our lives easier. Recently, new technologies get used in the paving industry, which seems to have revolutionized it greatly. CA Asphalt Paving Pros have listed some of the new technologies in the paving industry to produce the best quality services to their customers. Further facts about Fresno, CA can be found here.

The Use of Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging is made possible using infrared bars fitted at the rear of the paving machine and uses a couple of infrared sensors to measure the pavements’ temperature during construction. The number of sensors the paver gets equipped with depends mainly on the pavement’s width in construction by the contractor. It is a more efficient method of measuring pavement temperature as compared to the other methods. Information about Reasons Why One Would Hire A Paving Contractor can be found here. 

The Use of Intelligent Compaction Technologies

Intelligent compaction is the technology where modernized vibratory rollers compact substances such as Asphalt materials. It facilitates real-time compaction monitoring and the making of timely adjustments in the compaction process. Also, it minimizes over compaction and saves on the total construction cost as it increases the pavements’ long-term performance. The compaction technology saves the contractor’s cost on the material.