Apart from the paving contractor you choose, the company you select to assist you has a lot to say. As such, always consider these qualities to gauge their level of professionalism.  Learn information about Visalia, CA here.

Licensed and insured

There should be no resistance by your asphalt paving contractor to provide documentation showing that they are licensed and insured. This documentation not only protects their representatives and equipment but also protects you and your property as well. Discover facts about Factors to Consider When Hiring a Paving Contractor.


 A good contractor should stand by their work and make customer satisfaction a priority. While not always offered or limited, asking for a project warranty (artistry & materials) will guarantee that the project is completed to industry standards and the unique needs of your property (as agreed upon at the start of the project). Most company warranties are different based on project circumstances – so be sure to have all information in writing before starting your project.

Sufficient crew

Check if the asphalt paving company has a sizable team. Generally, an efficient asphalt paving crew will have five to eight workers. Being understaffed can delay and affect the outcome of the project. You should also consider the experience of the crew. They should work as a well-trained team to ensure the best possible final driveway.