Have you ever visited a new place and loved everything you came across? That is what happens when most individuals visit Visalia. While this city might not be popular like other urban cities in the US, don’t let that fool you. Visalia is a small but beautiful upcoming tourist destination that you should visit. You will be astonished by the unique activities to do and many stunning places to visit. Heading to Fox Theatre is one of the best things to do. Visalia, CA can be seen here.

Fox Theatre

Fox Theatre was opened in 1930 and later became an essential part of the community since it was a central place where people came to have good moments. Though it was closed down in the late 90s, this landmark movie place and theater was rebuilt and reopened in 1999 as a place for a live performance auditorium. This atmospheric theater is a vibrant performing center, whereby some of the famous events include Way Back Wednesday s and also throwback Thursdays. Click here to read about Things to do in a Visalia.