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Consultations with experienced asphalt paving contractors are a key part to successful asphalt maintence- best to get right the first time.  Madera County California Asphalt Paving Pros offers private customers and companies alike several types of paving services:

Contact CA Asphalt Paving in Madera County to request a free no obligation consultation with our professionals.  The Free estimate not only provides cost but a description of the Asphalt Paving Project or repair service.

CA Asphalt Paving Pros Service Locations

We service these local Cities:

  • Oakhurst
  • Coarsegold
  • Chowchilla
  • Bonadell Ranchos
  • Madera Ranchos
  • La Vina
  • Ahwahnee
  • Bass Lake
  • Also, Valley Zip codes Madera CA 93636, Madera CA 93637 and Madera CA 93638

If you don’t see your location here please contact us chances are we’ll help you.

Madera CA Asphalt Job Estimate

Our local Madera County inspector will meet the customer at their, business, shopping mall or construction site ready to listen to your specifications and concerns. The Asphalt paving estimate requires our California paving professionals in Madera to walk the surface of project site to determine what equipment, types of materials and other contractor services are needed for repairs or other asphalt related project.

Compare Madera CA Asphalt Paving Service Price

Protect yourself- Don’t pay too much! Compare us to other professional paving companies in Madera California. We’re positive that the CA Asphalt Paving estimate description will stand out as the most price friendly and detailed proposal you’ll receive for your company asphalt maintenance repair, resurface or construction project.

Concrete Driveway Repair, Construction

We offer high quality concrete driveway repair and construction services to the Madera County area. We’ve been providing these types of services for years, so you can rest assured that your home investment will be in good hands with us! Concrete Driveway repair in Madera CA made affordable.

Concrete Driveway Construction CA Asphalt Paving Pros Madera, CA

Concrete Driveway Construction

Why Concrete for Driveways in CA?

Concrete is far more resistant to hot weather and cracking than asphalt and has a longer life expectancy. The asphalt cement used in asphalt concrete to hold the mix of gravel, sand and recycled asphalt together will soften and become sticky under the hot central CA Valley Sun.   

Commercial Asphalt Paving Contractors in Madera

Parking Lot Construction CA Asphalt Paving Madera, CA

Parking Lot Construction

Parking Lot Problems

The first impression of your Business is presented by your, as is, Parking Lot or lack of one. Often customers will pass by your business because they don’t want the trouble of finding parking on the street or braving a weedy, pothole filled and muddy lot- especially seniors that would greatly suffer from a fall. Also, poorly maintained lots tend to attract dumping and nefarious activity adding to the danger factor.

Apartment Tenet Parking Troubles

Apartment complexes with poorly maintained parking are often challenged by angry resident phone calls giving description of how their car was damaged crossing a pothole in what should have been a smooth surface. It is also difficult to recruit new tenants when a person has to pick a safe path through the lot to the rental office.

Source of Insurance Injury Lawsuits

Nearly 70% of all personal injury lawsuits filed against companies had their beginnings in a Parking Lot. Allow us to help you minimize accidental falls and wear and tear on customers’ vehicles with a request for asphalt maintenance. Our Madera professional paving contractors provide services that will bring the asphalt concrete to a smooth level surface without trip hazards.  

Asphalt Parking Lot Repair for a Fair Price

Parking lots require maintenance because they are under constant stressors. One type is environmental , such as temperature changes, moisture intrusion, and UV rays (oxidation by the sun) and another type is traffic loads and The most cost-effective solution for parking lot damage is to promptly fix it when the paving first shows signs of cracking.  Otherwise, moisture seeps into the pavement worsens damage and accelerates it.

Common Asphalt Maintenance

  • Minor surface asphalt paving cracks usually due to stress or aging can be easily repaired with crack seal or a professional sealing with a high quality seal coat will fill in slight cracks.
  • Severe crack repair service needs debris removed, gravel subbase repaired (if necessary) and lastly paving with hot asphalt mix.
  • Crumbling pavement, severe wide spread cracking, upheavals, ruts and potholes signify damage to the gravel subbase which must be fix if the repair is to be long lasting.

Professional Paving contractors know the gravel subbase performs as the asphalt paving surface support bed and anytime it’s not part of the repair process the same damage will again show up.

Affordable Parking Lot Resurface in Madera, CA

Parking Lot Resurfacing CA Asphalt Paving Pros Madera, CA

Parking Lot Resurface

When the subbase of Asphalt parking lot, road or airport runway is strong yet it’s crack repairs are too numerous to be attempted, Resurfacing should be considered.  Asphalt Resurfacing, or overlay, is a way of repairing an parking lot or road by removing the first few inches of damaged asphalt paving and replacing it with newly laid asphalt concrete.

Resurfacing is less labor intensive than a complete redo and requires less materials. This also provides a great budget friendly option for those companies with huge parking lots or on a tight budget.

Madera California Seal Coating Service

Professional Asphalt Contractor Seal Coat Services applied periodically to parking lots reduces the rate of asphalt paving oxidation (decay) to a crawl. And, sealing the paving will bring back the handsome deep black color of a newly paved lot increasing the positive impression of your business.

Bad Seal Coating Job CA Asphalt Paving Pros Madera, CA

Bad Seal Coating Job: Be Careful who you Hire

What Causes Asphalt Pavement Damage in California?

The rate of oxidation depends on climate exposure and increases in sunny areas, wet conditions, and high temperatures. Asphalt paving oxidation over the years will cause stiffening and reduce its load bearing capability. Numerous cracks will form as the pavement loses flexibility over time.

How to Slow Asphalt Pavement Damage in Madera, County:

Once the asphalt has stiffened considerably, the rate of oxidation quickens to the point of complete failure at which time the pavement has to be replaced. However, future cost saving maintenance of seal coating the paving every 3 or 4 years from installation will greatly reduce the rate of oxidation. This periodic process will increase the asphalt paving lifespan by years- if not decade.

Asphalt Paving Construction Roads, Parking Lots…

We offer professional construction for all types of asphalt paving: large or small parking lots, playgrounds, and private or public roads. Don’t guess the cost of a project, request a free estimate and expect to be surprised at how affordable we are. Just provide a brief description of job with a phone call to our office including the property address and we’ll quickly connect you with one of our company project contractors to schedule a date to inspect the property.

Asphalt Pavement Marking Services

Painted Crosswalk CA Asphalt Paving Pros Madera, CA

Painted Crosswalk

Madera CA Asphalt Paving Pros offer expert pavement marking, installing signage including adherence to ADA (American Disability Act) protocols.

  • The number or Handicap parking slots depends on the total area of the parking lot although Medical clinics or Hospitals need more.  We always keep your targeted user in focus.

We offer free estimates and will provide any information you need about paving construction such as safety signs or recommendations for asphalt repair services.

Landscape Grading Services: Water Flow Analysis

Madera County, California Asphalt Contractor offers local expert professionals to perform asphalt related services such as water flow analysis. Our Company Services apply to existing and new construction sites and special asphalt paving projects such as asphalt playground, Basketball or Tennis court and Golf Cart or Biking path.

How important is Expert Grading?

Expert Grading is necessary for proper Slope to provide positive water runoff- water should flow away from pavement. Paving Slope is one of the most important elements in maintaining a safe and low maintenance property, as it plays an integral role in ensuring that water does not pool on your driveway or parking lot, which can lead to erosion problems or slippery surfaces when wet and dry weather conditions change.

  • Special Field equipment to measure slope on a property will be used by our local professionals to provide the most accurate type of measurement- in other words expert contractors don’t just eyeball it.

Why hire CA Asphalt Paving Pros?

to professionally design and install your business parking lot:

  1. CA Asphalt Paving has decades of experience that only comes the hard way through labor:  This gives us an edge over many other Asphalt Contractors in Madera, CA.
  2. Better project management- For each project, we assign enough crew members and adequate materials are obtained- so no worries over newbie mistakes during asphalt services.
  3. Practical design considers potential problems such as poor soil content (clay soil causes pooling) and suggesting the removal of trees with invasive root systems.
  4. We only use high-quality materials. The specials of the day at the Asphalt Plant are not used.
  5. We will provide you with a customized estimate upfront, so there are no unpleasant surprises.

Error Free Asphalt Services

Our crew leaders will check the ongoing work constantly to make sure, gravel base is compacted tightly and at proper depth, asphalt mix is at correct temperature and compaction is thorough and smooth.  This cautious process makes sure a fault is recognized and fixed before moving on.

In pursuit of high customer satisfaction

Client satisfaction will always drive the best contractors’ success. Most importantly, if a problem arises after a project is finished, good paving contractors like CA Asphalt Paving will return and fix it- clients should not worry over services commitment.