The town of Calwa, California, which means ‘Little Switzerland,’ is nestled in a valley on the bluffs of the Colorado River, surrounded by mountains and hills on all sides. The landscape and weather conditions are varied, and visitors can expect to experience rain, cool summers, and hot, dry winters. Visitors often come to Calwa for the spectacular scenery and panoramic views resulting from the small town’s mountain range. Visitors can enjoy camping, hiking, and cycling on the numerous trails, or they can simply relax in the many rustic barbecues dotting the landscape. Learn more here.


Calwa, California is a small fishing village, a significant draw for visitors in recent years. Over forty thousand visitors each year come to Calwa, California, to experience all that this unique community has to offer. Visitors can stay at the small number of star hotels that dot the streets, or they can choose to stay in one of the many quaint beds and breakfasts throughout the area. There is also an Inn-Cafe, a California-owned hotel that offers quaint accommodations and convenient eating locations. The inn-cafe serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and the hotel itself offers spacious rooms and complimentary high-speeded Internet access. Learn more about West Park California – A Couple of Minutes Worth a Peek.

Travelers will find many fun things to do and see when visiting the quaint little town of Calwa, California. Visitors can check out some of the old historic towns that dot the landscape or participate in hiking or cycling around California. The star hotels are usually located near attractive day trips that give travelers something to do while in town. Many of the inns and bed and breakfasts in Calwa offer visitors a special dinner package. A visit to Calwa, California, is sure to be an enjoyable and memorable stay, as long as one remembers to bring one’s towels!