Fun-Filled Festivals in Fresno, CA

Fresno’s outstanding fact is that it has a vast open space that sprawls with fun-filled outdoor festivals. When you want to enjoy an array of traditional, hip, and modern activities craved by all age groups, Fresno will provide you with the best places for such activities. There is never a dull moment once you step foot in Fresno. If you are looking for fun festivals in Fresno, consider the following. More can be found here.

Rogue Festival

Rogue Festival is one of the various festivals worldwide where independent artists or performers perform via application lottery. The Festival is a lively entertainment as it also features several kinds of entertainment performance and art, including dance, puppetry, theatrical plays, music, and magical acts.  Therefore, if you’re an artsy person, this Festival might trigger all your senses in a mesmerizing way. Learn more about Fresno, CA is a Historic Town.

The Big Fresno Fair

This is an indeed big festival. In terms of visitors and scope, it’s the biggest annual event in Fresno. It is located 165 acres of high-quality real estate allotted for booths, stage platforms, and carnival rides. If you want to enjoy numerous fun exhibits like music entertainment, live horse racing, concerts, educational programs, and livestock shows, The Big Fresno Fair is the place to visit.