Joyous Events in Fresno

Whether you are a local person staying in Fresno, a passerby, or a visitor, you will be sure to find full events in Fresno city that you and your loved ones could participate in during your stay in Fresno. Fresno is home to natural talents, and you don’t have to wait until the weekend to enjoy the events in Fresno. Some of these events are discussed below. Visit this link for more information.

The Day Is Mine Tour

The Day is Mine Tour is a historic event that celebrates the heritage of Africans. The whole day walk and trail tour involves visiting the Chaffee Zoo and cruising the historic Blvd. Read about Fresno, CA is Chockful of Parks here.

Egg Fest

It is an annual celebration hosted by the Fresno Discovery Center. It is an outdoor affair that most people attend. The event is joyous as it involves walking around the meadow and visiting stations and handing out candy and hiding eggs.


it aims to stimulate and educate your palate. The Carthop features food tastings from all the best local food trucks the valley has to offer. It is a weekly celebration sponsored by Downtown Fresno Partnership hosted at the Mariposa Plaza. The event is joyous as there is also a presence of lively entertainment.