One of the most famous spots that define Fresno as a secure city is its military bases. It is a crucial factor that holds the national defense on the western coast. The residents of Fresno live here peacefully knowing that their lives are protected and secure. The military in Fresno offers the best kind of national defense you can’t find anywhere. Some of the most famous military bases in Fresno you would love to visit include the following. Click here for facts about Fresno, CA .

Fresno Air National Guard Base

Air National Guard Base houses the 144th Fighter wing. The defense forces are dedicated to providing life-saving capabilities in the event of a national emergency. The F-15 Eagle jet fighters used in providing air defense protection from the Mexican border. The primary mission of this base is the fighter mission as it involves air-to-air and air-ground missions. It also entails homeland defense and Air Sovereignty. With all these, you don’t have to worry about your safety when you live in Fresno. Click here to read about Fresno, CA is a Forts Lovers Town.


US Army Department in Fresno is a place to develop leaders of character, who are adaptive, creative, critical thinkers that have the intellectual capacity and presence to lead in any surrounding. If you are a Fresno resident looking for a military base to learn about all these, the US Army Department in Fresno is where to visit. The excellent training they offer is suitable for all age groups. With its leadership training,, you’re bound to gain skills that influence people providing direction, motivation and improve any organization.