Fresno, CA Bubbles with Forts

As dry as Fresno is, no doubt forts are many. Whether you love the scenery ambiance or getting knowledge about the cultural heritage they offer, the choices on where to head to will wow you. Moreover, the activities to pursue forts are many, and just as you will prefer, the options will be yours. Below are some of the best forts in Fresno. See more here.

Fort Washington Country Club- Fresno Club

If you are a golf lover, Fort Washington Country Club is the perfect place to be when you visit Fresno. The fort is suitable for all age groups who would like to play golf. When it comes to golf’s latest fashions and equipment, the Country’s Club pro shop has a fabulous collection. This is a place of unparalleled golfing experience. See here for information about Fresno, CA Bubbles of Wineries.

Fort Washington Campground Beach

Fort Washington Campground Beach is located in the San Joaquin River, and it is famous for fish-seeking folks launching motorboats, canoes, and kayaks. Fishing off the dock is also permitted. Here the river is wide and tidal and aquatic. Whether you are alone, with a group of friends or the whole family, everyone will find something to do here.