Easton, California is a large unincorporated area in Fresno County, California. The majority of the population is Hispanic, with another group consisting mainly Caucasian. Easton has a unique blend of urban and rural living. There are two small significant highways, but there are many small roads throughout the area. Most commercial development has been concentrated in Fresno and nearby cities such as Eastman and Roseburg. The real estate prices in the greater Easton area have increased dramatically over the past five years, but the overall housing demand hasn’t. Learn information about Fresno, CA here.


The average family income is about two-thirds of the national average. The city of Easton has a small police department, and there are no public schools in the city. Easton, CA is conveniently located in the cities of Fresno and Bakersfield, which are close by and offer a variety of employment opportunities. Discover facts about Inn-Cafe, Hotels, and Many More in Calwa, California.

Buying your new home in Easton, CA is an exciting time in America. Real estate values are still rising in the area due to an influx of highly educated professionals. Easton has an active real estate market. Many home builders have recently built thousands of new homes across the county. Buyers should take advantage of these deals to ensure they receive the best price.